Smarter scheduling for teams

Whether your team’s performance is measured by sales revenue, recruiting pipeline, or customer retention, scheduling automation enables your team to hit goals faster.

Outperform the
competition with faster

You can’t waste time when prospects, clients, and candidates express interest. Avoid missed opportunities by automatically qualifying and routing website visitors to specific team members. You can also pool scheduling availability together to offer more options to connect.

Automate scheduling, improve team performance

Scheduling automation eliminates time-consuming admin tasks so your team can focus on higher priorities. With actionable insights into your team’s scheduling activities and integrations with your team’s favorite tools, you can identify potential process improvements and empower your team to work more efficiently.

Improve the customer experience with consistent scheduling

Managed Events let you assign and lock Event Type details — such as meeting descriptions, invitee questions, and notifications — so your team delivers a reliable and professional experience every time.

Streamline communications across the meeting lifecycle

From pre-call email questionnaires and confirmation texts to post-call follow-up links, meeting best practices can be automatically applied across your team. These templates and workflows increase engagement and ensure consistent, professional communications with your customers and candidates.

Favorite Team Features​

Team Scheduling Pages
Automated Workflows
Round Robin Events
Salesforce Integration
Reporting and Analytics

Team Scheduling Pages

Grow your business with scheduling automation. Simply email, text, or add your Calendly availability to your website – and watch prospects and recruits book high-value meetings with you.

Automated Workflows

Apply pre-built notifications, reminders, and follow-ups to multiple event types that can be quickly managed and updated from one location.

Round Robin Events

Surface times from multiple people’s calendars to provide customers with more options to choose from. Round Robin event types can be configured to automatically optimize by availability or equal distribution across your team.

Salesforce Integration

With Calendly connected to Salesforce, customer records stay up to date, regardless of their status. When a Calendly meeting gets booked, a lead automatically gets created and if the lead already exists, the lead auto-updates with meeting activity.

Detailed reporting to improve
your recruiting process

Whether you want to track interviews, no-shows, cancellations, or team productivity and bandwidth, the metrics are just a click away.

Pricing Plans

With scheduling hassles and interruptions gone your day is cleared for accomplishment.



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Smarter scheduling for teams

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